a typical day

How your bespoke retreat is designed.

Intensives are often planned as 3-5 day retreats.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, sessions are booked in 2.5 hour blocks. While certain circumstances warrant meeting for one or even up to three sessions per day, we have found two sessions daily suits most people best.

Not all therapy is emotionally intense or tiring, and most people are surprised to find they are not only able to work for many hours, but find it deeply satisfying to do so.

While intensives can be demanding, the hope is you'll return from the experience with a renewed sense of trust and empowerment to be your own greatest healer.

After a phone consultation to discuss your goals, needs and preferences, a proposal is created that reflects your personal retreat.

Some retreats focus more on counselling, others on learning Mindfulness, and still others on spending time in nature.

Our bespoke therapy retreats are held at Harewood Estate. Our clients have access to healthy meals and other supportive services such as yoga and massage.

Some clients prefer to work in their own home or another favourite location.

A daily plan and rhythm is created around your unique objectives. A typical day combines individual counselling, psychotherapy or coaching, meditation instruction and practice, time outdoors, supportive services and time for quiet reflection, reading or journaling.

Retreats are typically three to five days, but can be longer or shorter.


A typical day? When you're ready to focus on personal change, the retreat setting will support your intention

Our location, set in wildlife and nature a harmonious place that reflects simplicity and minimises distraction.

In reality there is no such thing as a typical day at our bespoke therapy holidays. Each clients needs differ daily.

The deceptively simple power of a retreat is that when you immerse yourself in a place of harmony and self-reflection, new ways of thinking and living naturally emerge. This is one reason retreats have been used by wisdom traditions for centuries.

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