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Our flagship Red Kite Bespoke counselling and therapy holidays and short stays take place during the week or at weekends at Harewood Estate - a tranquil therapeutic location nesting in nature and wildlife in West Yorkshire. An environment away from the bustle of everyday life, it gives you opportunity to have time dedicated to focusing solely on the issues that are adversely affecting your life. Whether you arrive on your own or come with family or as a couple you will always be made to feel welcome with the hope of you leaving empowered. Read More

It is important for you to know that this is a safe space - and you can share honestly what is going on in your life. Whether you are looking to be heard, seeking nurturing support or looking for effective coping strategies. Together we can work towards your therapeutic goals. Supporting you to heal so you are able to leave with a sense of achievement or knowledge that you have some solutions to make changes and move forward in your life.

Redkite Retreats is founded by counsellor and psychotherapist Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar. Yasmins focus is in supporting people to improve the relationships in their lives. Life, a matrix of complex relationships - whether with family, friends, business associates, anxiety, depression, alcohol, intimacy, money, sex, food or control. The list is endless. Yasmin's fundamental belief is the most important relationship we have is with ourselves. Crack this relationship and life does become easier, a lot more fun. As a BACP registered counsellor, she adheres to their Code of Ethics.

Are they even a thing? just a different way of doing things!

Therapy as a holiday? Who are bespoke therapy holidays and short stays suitable for?

A bespoke counselling or coaching holiday or short stay is suitable if you feel you don't want counselling sessions to drag, you are committed to finding a resolution, don't have time during your hectic life and feel you would benefit from intense therapy. Maybe you just want a good space to get some focus and clarity back in your life with the support of professionals. Perhaps you want to work on a clear defined business goal without any distractions?

We will work to understand the root of your problem, explore how you feel, what you are going through, how that affects your everyday life and most importantly what you can do to make changes. Our aim will be  to empower you so you can begin that journey which will make a real difference to your future.

Our organised group retreats have different goals to suit different needs from a self care get away, the forty plus, expanding your creativity or understanding your eating habits. Take a look below to browse our offerings.

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Red Kite Retreats - our group therapeutic holidays for 2020


Private Practice England June.2020

A therapeutic week setting up your private practice.


The K Plan Aug.2020 Croatia

Leave with a realistic plan to improve your body image & health.

michele heidi sutton the lady fest garden

Creative Nurture England Sep.2020

nurturing your inner creativity whilst healing.


40+ Selfcare Oct.2020 England

A spiritual healing in nature for those reaching or 40+.


40+ Selfcare Oct.2020 England

A spiritual healing in nature for those reaching or 40+.


The K Plan Dec.2020 England

Leave with a realistic plan to improve your body image & health.

costa rica

A Spiritual Beginning Dec.2020 Costa Rica

Looking to start your spiritual journey? A therapeutic vacation in Costa Rica

Bespoke Therapy Holidays

All year round at Harewood, U.K

Tailored to your time, with a therapist matched to your preference and requirements.

Red Kite Retreats Therapy Holidays