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Perhaps you are looking for focussed quick results?  At key moments of crisis or readiness to change, we sometimes need to dig deep and keep digging in a proactive manner for a dedicated time.


If talking therapy by the hour isn't the right fit, and you are not in need of an institutional experience of a recovery retreat, individual counselling and psychotherapy retreats offer a different way of doing things.


Intensive therapy programs, or therapeutic personal retreats, a counselling therapy retreat, counselling holiday are all a different titles of another way of doing therapy.


looking for results?

It does mean getting up close & personal, and it is not for the faint hearted. But there are benefits that the traditional weekly model do not provide.

Personal growth is not an event but a process, and healing often best happens through a process, like taking a journey.


For these reasons we offer bespoke personalised individual retreats, weekend intensives, healing retreats , life coaching, digital detox, wellness detox retreats and  to individuals, retreat couples, families and groups.

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FAQ'S about intensive therapy.

Red Kite Retreats - our group therapeutic holidays for 2020

Bespoke Therapy Holidays

All year round at Harewood, U.K

Tailored 1 to 1 therapy, with a therapist matched to your preference & needs.

michele heidi sutton the lady fest garden

Creative Nurture England May. 2020

playing creatively whilst nurturing your inner child


The Big EM Oct.2020 Yorkshire, England

A spiritual healing in nature for those reaching or 40+.


The K Plan Dec.2020 England

Leave with a realistic plan to improve your body image & health.

Red Kite Retreats Therapy Holidays